Maintenance & Infrared Services

In the past many businesses worked on the theory of reactive maintenance. That is, if something breaks it gets repaired. Times are changing in today’s challenging market. With the escalation of higher energy costs associated with productive business operation and increases in cost associated with business down time, companies are moving forward and becoming proactive with the implementation of a Preventive Maintenance Program.

Martin Electric can provide you and your business with a unique preventive maintenance program that focuses on unexpected power outages, energy usage reduction and potential electrical life safety hazards. Our program uses knowledgeable trained associates utilizing high levels of technology, which include Infrared Imaging, Ultrasonic Testing and Power Analysis tools.

Notable Clients:

  • CNA Insurance
  • TYCO/Mallinckrodt
  • First Church in Albany

Life Safety & Security Systems

With the threat of terrorism in today’s society Martin Electric understands the need to provide customers with an added level of protection and security. With this in mind we have taken it upon ourselves to assist our customers in the development/installation of complete life safety systems and security systems.

Notable Clients:

  • Verizon
  • Regeneron
  • AT&T
  • SUNY

Unfortunately, due to recent safety threats, we are unable to present visuals for Life Safety & Security Systems. When security issues are resolved Martin Electric will provide visual representation of recent projects. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Emergency Services

Martin Electric realizes that in today’s challenging market business downtime and unexpected power outages can be detrimental in a company’s profitability. Our experience in Emergency Systems has enabled us to provide to our customers reassurance that their operations will continue to operate without failure.

Design/Build & New Construction

Recent Notable Projects:

  • 1000 KW Genset – Computer Science Corporation
  • 500 KW Genset – Regeneron Red Mill
  • 500 KW Genset – NYS DOT
  • 400KW Genset – Cohoes WTP
  • 3 – 750KW Genset – Fleet-Boston
  • 2 – 750KW Genset– Verizon, 158 State Street

Data Centers

Martin Electric’s experience in DATA CENTER construction is proof that our organization is capable of raising the bar and outperforming the competition. Projects of this nature require a complete and thorough understanding of critical power, which our company has achieved through years of service.

Design/Build & New Construction

Notable Clients:

  • Fleet-Boston
  • Met-Life
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • RPI

Design / Build & New Construction

Martin Electric is capable of providing complete design/build services from conceptual budgeting, design/build development through project completion.

Design/Build & New Construction

Recent Notable Design/Build Projects:

  • NYS DOT- Region 1 Headquarters
  • Computer Science Corporation
  • Regeneron - Red Mill Facility
  • Lexis-Nexis - Matthew Bender
  • Renaissance Corp. – Bender Lab
  • R&P, East Greenbush Tech Park

Recent Notable New Construction Projects:

  • Verizon Glens Falls - Commercial Power Upgrade
  • Verizon 158 State Street, Albany - Chiller Loop
  • TYCO/Mallinckrodt